Using A Stretch Band To Move

I love using my stretch band to facilitate movement.  The Dolphins and Seals had a blast using it today to jump, pull, push, and walk around in a circle.  We moved to the music’s beat and stopped when the music paused.  We listened intently to the child’s voice in the pause that said, “Please be patient.  Wait.  Wait.”  All the students have great attending and listening skills as they followed the directions.Dolphins Stretcth Band

Seals Stretcth BandSeveral students want to be in the inside of the circle and want to feel it from the inside, so I decided to try it. I had the students put the stretch band around their ankles, knees, and waist.  We walked backward with the resistance around our body, still moving and pausing with the music.  We pushed and leaned backward, focusing on balance.  It was hard for several of students to be backward, so they turned around and walked forward with the resistance and pushed the band out.  Through using the band on both side, students explored doing different actions and being still, while finding their balance.  There were a few who fell down from the excitement and their movement.

Seals Stretcth Band

T. Dolphins Stretcth BandUsing the stretch band to follow stop and go movement directions combined with verbal and musical cues help the students’ impulsivity and sensory needs.  The students are essentially pulling and pushing the weight of their friends and teachers on the rope, which is hard and heavy work!  In addition, by having everyone on the rope, it helps the group stay together in a safe and controlled place.  We had fun strengthening different muscles, moving together, and keeping balance all the while.  Dolphins Stretcth BandMany friends were jumping with joy and had huge smiles!

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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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2 Responses to Using A Stretch Band To Move

  1. Deanna Gattie says:

    Wonderful ideas! What music were you using to start and stop moving the stretchy band? I’d like to use it in my classroom as well. We can always use activities that practice listening skills.

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