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Creative Movement With Seals

On Fridays, the Seals have Creative Movement, which is all focused on movement! We started with learning to start and stop our bodies while listening to music cues. While holding onto a colored stretch band, graciously provided by Bear Paw … Continue reading

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The Stretch Band: Stop and Go

Happy September! The sprinkle of rain is stopping and going, just like the Elephants today!  These three years old students were moving and going with the music.  We were delighted to hold the stretch band together and jump or pull.  … Continue reading

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Using A Stretch Band To Move

I love using my stretch band to facilitate movement.  The Dolphins and Seals had a blast using it today to jump, pull, push, and walk around in a circle.  We moved to the music’s beat and stopped when the music … Continue reading

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Robots and the Ninja Band

“Can we play with the ninja band?” – J. Robots The youngest elementary class, Robots, are experiencing their first martial arts class this summer at Camp Acorn.  Martial art is an abstract concept, so instead, we talk about being a … Continue reading

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