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First Year Recap

As June draws to a close, so does my first full year of teaching and doing music therapy at The Parish School and Camp Acorn.  It has been full of incredible musical moments, learning experiences for both the students and … Continue reading

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Drummin’ Rhythms With the Alligators

The big tubano drum has an invisible sticker that screams, “Play me.”  Students who walk by it are pulled in by its enchanting forest scenery and play it, even when the class is engrossed in another activity. While doing some … Continue reading

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Martial Arts at Camp Acorn: A Kickin’ Good Time!

As we wrap up martial arts at Camp Acorn, here are some of our favorite activities: – punches and kicks on the body bag and hand target bags – knocking Hilary, who is holding a body bag, past the line … Continue reading

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Cultural Immersion: Japan

The Chopsticks learned about Japanese culture this summer through singing and dancing to “Sakura,” playing the autoharp (sounds like a koto), and playing the kokoriko.  We learned how to dance in Japanese style with large and slow arm movements; contrary … Continue reading

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Parish Got Talent

As we head into the last week of Camp Acorn at The Parish School, I am saying good-bye to students who are only here for the summer camp: siblings and students of staff members.  Today started off the good-bye to … Continue reading

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