Rainy Day Microphone Singing

It’s raining in Houston!  The Ladybugs, Zebras, and Bears students walked into music sharing the sounds and sight of the loud pouring rain.  To acknowledge and keep in the spirit of the rain, I taught the students how to sing, “If All The Raindrops.”

C. Zebras Mircophone

C. Zebras MircophoneI showed pictures of rain drops, lemon drops, and gum drops and placed them on the music stand.  The rain drops and gum drops were easily identified and students even pretended to eat some.  Lemon drops were harder to identify; perhaps lemon drops are too sour for students?  Then I sang the song for the students.  Only a couple of students had heard the song before and it is a new song for everyone else.  I taught students to sing the “Ahh, ahh-ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh-ahh, ahh.”  We worked on vocalizing different pitches with the same sound.  Students who were listening and singing had the opportunity to sing for their friends using the microphone.  Students were motivated to sing for their chance in the spotlight!

J. Ladybugs MircophoneA. Bears Microphone

So many students were thrilled to sing using the microphone.  I instructed how to hold the microphone a little bit away from the mouth and to gently sing into it.  All the students did a great job holding it and singing with lovely voices!  I was impressed with how many students quickly picked up the words of the song and were singing most of the lyrics in addition to what I was focusing on, the vocalizations on “ahh.”  A majority of them were singing with the pitch changes and singing with beautiful tones.  They were proud, the teachers were proud, and I was proud of them.

L. Bears MicrophoneZ. Ladybugs Mircophone

All the students were patient in taking turns, clapping for their friends, listening to the words, and singing for each other.  Singing together, we alleviated our sadness of having to stay inside to play.  By the end of singing “If All The Raindrops” eight times in each class, students’ spirits were lifted and they were happily focused on the music.  We enjoyed our rainy day adventure singing about the rain and glad to have it to cool the hot Houston weather.

C. Zebras Mircophone

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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