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Write Chinese Words: “Happy New Year”

              Last week, the Mustangs and the Heroes asked to learn how to write Chinese words.  Writing Chinese can be difficult for an untrained eye or a non-artist.  The spacing, lines, dashes, and location of … Continue reading

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Dragon Coloring Page: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red!

                            After developing a hoarse voice from all the cheering and talking at the Gala, I planned some dragon activities that did not require too much vocal use on … Continue reading

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Passport to Adventure Gala!

              Congratulations to all the pre-auction bidders on Wednesday, January 25th and the bidders at the Gala on Saturday, January 28th!  Thank you parents, friends, and staff members for bidding.  A special thank you … Continue reading

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Dragons: “Let’s Take Away the Evil Spirits!”

It’s has been a dragon-ful week in music with making dragon faces, roars, and dances.  We are ringing in Chinese New Year with an abundance of good luck and have embodied the dragon’s characteristics!  Enjoy a video and photo collection … Continue reading

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Lion Dance and Dragon Dance Explained

In martial arts, Post Oak and Laurel Oak classes are learning more about lion dances and dragon dances.  It is easy to get the two animal dances confused and mixed up.  We watched videos of both type of dances in preparation … Continue reading

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