Creative Movement With Seals

On Fridays, the Seals have Creative Movement, which is all focused on movement! We started with learning to start and stop our bodies while listening to music cues. While holding onto a colored stretch band, graciously provided by Bear Paw Creek, the students moved to the music. We jumped, stopped, waited, and then jumped again. They also loved pulling and pushing the band with the teachers as anchors and weight to go against their bodies and arms. The students enjoyed choosing their favorite color to hold.Seals Creative Movement

The students are all smiles and giggles while jumping, pulling, and pushing, sometimes even saying “stop” and “wait” along with the music recording. This stretch band and activity is great for sensory input, motor planning, and listening and following the music cues. The students see the teachers and their peers model how to start and stop the body and they in turn are imitating the movements. They learn to participate as a group and are all part of the stretch band activity. The students have fun and love to jump or bounce, whichever is more comfortable for them. In addition, they look forward to pulling and pushing the stretch band with their arms and bodies and seeing how far they can go within the room and in the middle of the circle. These are strong students who enjoy moving!

I. Seals Creative Movement Seals Creative MovementSeals Creative Movement

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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1 Response to Creative Movement With Seals

  1. Liz says:

    I love using the stretchy band with my students too! I like the idea of letting the students really push and pull against the band with the staff as anchors. Do you have any favorite recordings that you use for start and stop? Some of the recordings I use for this purpose (besides Greg and Steve) are Hop and Stop by Ken Sheldon, Freeze! by Theresa Jennings (volume 14, # 2 from K-8 Magazine), and Fire Engine Freeze (available on iTunes). Thanks so much for sharing!!


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