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In The Garden: The Bunny Hop!

“The Easter Bunny hops!” N. All-Stars.  To celebrate Easter, Dragonflies and All-Stars were hopping bunnies to plant flowers and hide eggs in the “garden box.”  Students were instructed to pretend to be a colored bunny of their choice.  Blue, black, red, … Continue reading

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Ninja Tag.

“Ninjas are sneaky and quiet.”  We had a martial arts class demonstration three weeks ago at “Culture-in-Focus: China Party” of what the students learned: bow, punches, kicks, blocks, and combinations.  After warming up with our familiar material, we played “Ninja … Continue reading

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Rhythm and Rhyme: Dr. Seuss

Many teachers and librarians celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday in March by reading his books and having Dr. Seuss themed activities.  Dr. Seuss is famous for writing children’s books that rhymes.  So for music, I created a rhythmic rhyming game for … Continue reading

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Flamingo Flamenco: Theme and Variations

“Look, I’m playing a flute.” (C. Busy-Bees) “I’m an airplane.!” (J. Wranglers) “I have a tail!”  (R. Wranglers) Working with colored ribbons and flamenco music, Bears, Elephants, Busy-Bees, and Wranglers were instructed to dance like flamingos (on one leg) for … Continue reading

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“What I Am”: Upper Elementary Musical

Each spring, the upper elementary students act, dance, and sing in an original scripted musical directed by the music teacher (that’s me!), drama teacher, and the art teacher.  My first experience of writing a musical to this magnitude, it has … Continue reading

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