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Winter Sing-A-Long

The Laurel Oak and Post Oak classes performed in the “Winter Sing-A-Long” for all their parents and special friends today.  The program included musical duets from the teachers and student, a play performed by the Mustangs, each Laurel class leading … Continue reading

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Class Holiday Sing-A-Long

This is the last week of school before the winter break!  With the flip-flop of warm weather and cold weather with beautiful blue skies, it does not feel too much like winter with the holidays approaching quickly.  To celebrate and … Continue reading

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Chestnut Oak Viewing Party

The Chestnut Oak classes of All-Stars, Giraffes, Monkeys, and Zebras had a viewing party of their fantastic performance in “Giving Thanks All Year Long.”  Each class watch the entire show so they were able to see their friends perform.  They … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for Thanks

It has been a busy fall semester for The Parish School Choir, performing at City Hall, Book Fair, the Annual Luncheon, and with Music Doing Good for our 30th Anniversary Concert.  We are also preparing for the Winter Sing-A-Long this … Continue reading

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The Tissue Dance and Variations

Inspired by my own nose blowing and all the students’ runny noses, I decided to take the tissue dance from my Creative Movement classes and introduce it to my music classes this week.  (Click here to read earlier post).  I … Continue reading

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