Instrument Play: “Jump In the Line”

To start off the year in high spirits, students explored and played instruments to Harry Belafonte’s “Jump In The Line.” This song provides a strong beat to follow in shaking, tapping, and making music. Instruments choices were clatterpillars, guiro, maracas, egg shakers, clappers, castanets, rainstick, and rhythm sticks. Throughout the song, students were encouraged and allowed to switch instruments if they wanted to try something new.

B. Elephants Instrument Play

Instrument Play

Zebras Instrument Play












With fun calypso music to lead them, students moved their whole bodies and instruments to the rhythmic beat. Several classes were so moved that they marched or danced around the room while playing instruments. They made their own parade with a march leader and encouraged all their friends to follow. The green steps became a stage and students collaborated to play together. One class loved the novelty of trying a new instrument and they all traded almost immediately with their peers to play every instrument. It was a great way to start the year in exploring sounds, sharing, and experimenting with fun instruments!

J. Elephants Instrument Play

Rangers Instrument PlayOwls Instrument PlayMustangs Instrument PlayRockets INstrument PlayArmadillos Instrument PlaySquirrels Instrument PlayWranglers Instrument Play

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