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The Rhythm of the Punch

The Penguins and Explorers worked on their punches in martial arts today.  I showed them how to properly make a fist by curling all the fingers in and placing the thumb on top of the curled fingers.  I talked about … Continue reading

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Choir Prepares to Take the Stage

What a productive choir rehearsal today!  We finished learning two songs, put together all the pieces for one song, and had a final rehearsal for a performance next week, all in 30 minutes.  Whew! The Explorers and Mustangs will start … Continue reading

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“This Old Man”: Eleven and Heaven Rhyme

For about a week, I have been offering a special sticker to a student who can find a word that rhymes with “eleven.”  The Owls, Zebras, Giraffes, and Bears have been stumped finding a rhyme.  On Tuesday, D. Alligators said, “heaven” rhymes with … Continue reading

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In The News: Life Long Benefits of Music

An article came out a couple of weeks ago in the New York Times about the long time benefits of early music lessons.  (Click here to read article.)  Researchers found that music lessons during childhood changes the brain and those … Continue reading

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Match the Color Shakers

The Seals and Elephants are working on colors.  In music, we worked on naming and matching the colors through shakers.  With all the color shaker options laid out, students chose one colored shaker to play.  Each student was their own … Continue reading

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