The Parish School

Established in 1983 by Robbin Parish, The Parish School’s mission is to identify, educate, and empower children who have language and learning differences.

The Parish School is the only school in Houston, public or private, which offers a multi-age, language-based, developmental curriculum for children 18 months through fifth grade.  The Parish School specializes in early language intervention and individualized instruction with a focus on the education of the whole child.  Children served have communication and learning differences, but average to above average learning potential. These differences may include problems with speech/language, learning to read, focusing attention, visual motor areas, social skills, and auditory processing.

The Parish School utilizes a classroom based therapy program implemented by certified teachers and speech/language pathologists. Classroom ratios are low and treatment/education plans are individualized to maximize the success of each child. The state-of-the-art facilities include parent/therapist viewing areas, built-in assisted listening devices, play and picnic areas, gardens and large, bright classrooms. The creative and visual arts play a large role in the academic program and incorporate the focus on expressive, receptive and pragmatic language skills while giving children a creative outlet in which to express themselves.

1 Response to The Parish School

  1. Flora Nienaber says:

    I have a child with apraxia of speech. I saw a utube video where she was using music to encourage speech. Was this your school? I have found that my daughter is very moved by music and could possibly work through her apraxia with more ease if I had a musically inclined curriculum/program. Can you please help?

    Thank you


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