A Special Luncheon Performance

What an exciting day!  The Explorers, Mustangs, and Penguins sang at The Parish School’s “Let’s Celebrate!” Luncheon.  Students were thrilled to be traveling by a yellow school bus to the Junior League of Houston.  When they arrived, I shared that the courtyard that we were going to walk through is under construction.  It was a change in our plans!  I told the students that our job is to walk through backdoor of the entire room to get to the stage.  The students were the most quiet and serious I have ever seen them walk in a straight line.  Once on stage, we were ready!  We sang “The Parish School Song” in honor of Robbin Parish and “Edelweiss” for Margaret Noecker, two visionaries of the school.  Click here to watch our performance.

Luncheon Performers: Explorers, Mustangs, Penguins

I am so impressed with how the students conducted themselves on such a special occasion with poise, tact, and being self-aware of their bodies and voices.  The blend of their voices was so beautiful and could be heard across the room.  We had three students sing solos and that surprised several teachers and parents in the room to hear these students’ voices, and their confidence in singing.  The students were extraordinary in their performance.

Choir Luncheon 10.3.13

During choir today, I rewarded the students with a surprise cupcake and ice cream party.   Enjoying their well deserved sweet treats, we watched a recording of our performance.  Many of the students commented on how good we sound, how well we stayed together, and how it was such an honor to sing together for all the Luncheon attendees.  They were incredibly proud of themselves and I am so proud and impressed with them.  It is a joy to sing with the students and share in the special moments of making music together.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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