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“Root-A-Toot-Toot” Story and Instruments

Thanks to the Houston Symphony, the Parish students had the opportunity to play real brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, and French horn) to our story, Root-A-Toot-Toot by Bernice Myers. After explaining how to pucker lips to create the embrasure and to … Continue reading

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Goldilocks, Three Bears, and the Keyboard

Given the opportunity to play the piano or keyboard, young students either bang away at the keys or stare at the keys, wondering how to play it.  To provide structure in exploring the keyboard for both types of students, I … Continue reading

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Abiyoyo and His Ukelele

“It’s like Abiyoyo!” – J. Bears The Butterflies are reading “Abiyoyo,” a story about a boy who plays the ukulele, his father the magician, and a giant named Abiyoyo.  A folk story set to music by Pete Seeger, the story … Continue reading

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