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Sound Lines: Outdoor Instrument Play

Combining outdoors and music, the Butterflies class and I made sound lines to make music outside.  Taking tambourines and bells, we worked together to tie them onto rope.  Students were helpful in putting the rope through the instrument and tying … Continue reading

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“Barnyard Banter”: Book

“Barnyard Banter” by Denise Fleming is a great book about farm animals and their sounds.  While using a shaker to keep a steady beat, I chanted the words of the book and had the Turtles and Giraffes repeat after me after I … Continue reading

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Nonverbal Communication Through Instrument Play

The Parish students work on their social skills and I wanted to give elementary students a musical opportunity to practice.  Focusing on nonverbal communication by having students follow a leader through instrument play, we work on eye contact, taking turns, … Continue reading

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African Drum Beats, Maracas, and Dancing

The elementary students have been working and learning how to play in the middle and side of the drum with different intensity and playing rhythmic patterns.  To encourage and aid with creating drum beats, I played a CD of African … Continue reading

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Brass Day: Trombone, Trumpet, and French Horn

Thanks to Allison of the Houston Symphony Education Coordinator, students enjoyed a brass instrument session in music class.  The students listened, learned, and played the trombone, trumpet, and French horn.  In addition, the Mustangs and Explorers tried to play the … Continue reading

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