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Gathering Drum Fun

We have new additions to the instrument collection at The Parish School: two gathering drums! I have experienced them in other music settings and decided that we needed some. These are strong resilient drums that provide opportunities for various play. … Continue reading

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“Row Your Boat”: Slow, Medium, or Fast?

“Gently down the street.” “Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, life is not a dream.” – “Row Your Boat” student variations The Owls, Turtles, Belugas, Zebras, Bears, Buccaneers, and Agents classes are singing, “Row Row Row Your Boat” while playing drums.  We … Continue reading

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Last Day: OT Drumming Contest

It’s day four, the last day of the OT drumming contest.  There were several students missing this week, so they will get a chance to drum next week to boost their class’s score.  OT Contests are still happening in art, … Continue reading

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Day 3: Drumming Contest

Wow, what a day for our drumming contest!  Two Monkey students surpassed 200 drum plays (227 and 218); the only preschoolers to break 200!  In addition, their whole class drummed themselves into third place of all the classes!  All the … Continue reading

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OT Awareness: Drumming Contest

April is Occupational Therapy Awareness Month! “Nearly one third of all people employed  in profession of occupational therapy work with children, helping them master the “occupations” of childhood-learning, playing and growing.” (www.aota.org)               This … Continue reading

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African Drum Beats, Maracas, and Dancing

The elementary students have been working and learning how to play in the middle and side of the drum with different intensity and playing rhythmic patterns.  To encourage and aid with creating drum beats, I played a CD of African … Continue reading

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Rhythm In Speech and Singing

Rhythm is part of us, in our heart beat, our speech, and the way we walk.  When we learn a new word, a teacher usually pats out every syllable so we can hear the different parts of the word.  When … Continue reading

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