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Instrument Play: “Jump In the Line”

To start off the year in high spirits, students explored and played instruments to Harry Belafonte’s “Jump In The Line.” This song provides a strong beat to follow in shaking, tapping, and making music. Instruments choices were clatterpillars, guiro, maracas, … Continue reading

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The Spider Numbers Game

I created a spider numbers game using the giant floor spider web.  With pictures of spiders, I numbered them from 1 to 10 and left 6 blank spiders.  As a class, we talked and decided an action corresponding to each … Continue reading

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From Head to Toe: Body Movement

“I can do it!” – Students in response to “Can you do it?” While patting my leg to keep a steady beat, I read From Head to Toe by Eric Carle with the Ducks, All-Stars, Seals, and Dolphins classes.  Each page … Continue reading

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Larry the Lobster: Sing and Chant with Hats!

Larry the lobster, Larry the lobster, digging in the sand.  Oh, what a guy! Larry the lobster, Larry the lobster, singing along his way.  Oh, no! Watch out, Larry!  Here comes a (shark).  Here comes a (shark). Run, Larry, run.  … Continue reading

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2-0-1-3, 2013 Is Here!

To celebrate and reinforce the year with my students, I wrote a song about 2013.  Within the song, I sing “two-zero-one-three” in addition to “2013” to break down the year into smaller chunks to help with processing.  Even after singing … Continue reading

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