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Musical Save the Date: May 9th!

Though it is a sad and difficult time right now, we are still putting on the elementary musical.  Margaret loved the musical and believed in the arts for the students; her love and support for the fine art program indicates … Continue reading

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New Idea: Jellyfish Ribbons

“It can be a jellyfish!” – P. Bears               The school year is coming to an end and in music, we are visiting some of our favorite activities from the year.  One activity was … Continue reading

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Abiyoyo and His Ukelele

“It’s like Abiyoyo!” – J. Bears The Butterflies are reading “Abiyoyo,” a story about a boy who plays the ukulele, his father the magician, and a giant named Abiyoyo.  A folk story set to music by Pete Seeger, the story … Continue reading

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Instrument Exploration: Guitars

“I want to play guitar.” J. Bears.               Thanks to the Parent Teacher Organization, our music instrument supply has expanded with four new guitars!  Today, the Bears, Elephants, and Ants rocked out on the … Continue reading

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“Baby Beluga”

“Now you sing the music.” J. Bears directed after I sang through the pages of “Baby Beluga.” “Now sing with guitar.” We followed his plan for the “Baby Beluga” song, which helped him and his classmates learn to sing the … Continue reading

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