“The Sneaky Sounds” Instrumental Prelude

Congratulations to all the performers today!  The Penguins and the Mustangs did a great job acting out “The Vanishing Pumpkin,” our Halloween show.  The Explorers set the Halloween mood with a musical prelude “The Sneaky Sounds.”Explorers "The Sneaky Sounds"

About a month ago, the Explorers and I planned to create an instrumental piece with sneaky sounds that may be associated with Halloween such as mummy, zombie, rain, thunder, monster, pumpkin, vampires, ghosts, and witch.  We pulled out a variety of instruments and decided on the boomwhackers, kokoriko, music baton, rainstick, and thunder tube.  We explored ways to create the piece through structure, melody, and instrumentation.  From there, our music composition formed and we created “The Sneaky Sounds.”Explorers "The Sneaky Sounds"

Wearing capes for visual effect, our sounds created a Halloween atmosphere, preparing the audience for the Halloween show.  I am so proud of all the Explorers as musicians.  They watched for subtle music cues, took turns in playing instruments, feeling and playing the steady tempo while listening to the piano accompaniment, were aware of their peers, and played our song with purpose and direction.  They were so proud of themselves for walking on and off stage quietly while holding their instruments and working together to bring the sneaky music alive to the fill the library.  Enjoy both performances below!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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