Spider Web Play Extensions

The spider web is proving to be fun for many opportunities of extended learning.  My music selection today was “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from “Peer Gynt” by Edvard Grieg.  Many students recognized the music from movies, their video games, and from television.  The slow sneaky start of the music helped students tip toe and crawl slowly on the lines and as the music increased in tempo, so did the students’ actions.  They embodied the moving melody.Dolphins Spiders Under and Through


Dolphins Spiders Under and ThroughAfter a week without music classes because I was in California, the Dolphins and Seals spent one more time crawling on the spider web.  They worked on crawling through and under teachers while staying on the spiderweb lines.  The music moved them across the web and they worked on the propositions “under” and “through.”  They giggled along their way as teachers tickled them or closed their legs around the students’ bodies.  It was so much fun to be trapped or to be unexpectedly tickled while crawling.  They always went back to the teachers for more tickles and squeezes!Seals Spiders Under and Through


Zebras Spider NumbersThe Ladybugs, Zebras, and Bears played a game of spider freeze dance.  When the music paused, they found the closest spider and looked on the back to tell a teacher the number.  We worked on identifying and recognizing numbers 1 to 10; there were blank cards in the midst of the spiders.  One student found the number 10 three times; the first time, he could not name the number.  I told him, “One and a zero, makes ten.”  He repeated that to himself and named it ten.  The second and third time, he confidently raised up his number and said “It’s ten!”  Picking the same number several times helped reinforce his learning!  The students really enjoyed creeping on the lines to the music and pausing to find and label numbers.  Many of them yelled “I found 7!” like they were won a prize!  They were proud and excited to share the numbers they found.  Some were sad by the blank cards they picked and there were students who were just as excited to say “I found a blank card!”

Bears Spider NumbersBears Spider Numbers  Ladybugs Spider Numbers   Zebras Spider Numbers


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