Martial Arts: Step-Drag On the Lines

In martial arts, the Ladybugs, Rockets, and Explorers learned how to do a step-drag: step with one foot and then drag the other.  We did the step-drag on the spider lines, which gave us directionality, space, and a visual cue to create a path in the room.  Rockets Step-Drag-Punch


Students were cautious of each other and changed lines to avoid collisions.  We got into a rhythm and it almost appeared that we were slowly dancing around each other.  With the Ladybugs, we kept it simple with a step-drag to work out the different foot movements.  With the Rockets and Explorers, we did a step-drag-punch, with a waltz feeling.  Most of the students quickly picked it up and we worked on step-drag backwards as well.

Explorers Step-Drag-Punch

We have done lots of stationary work in martial arts and it was time to expand to feet movement.  The step-drag is great to work on spatial awareness, traveling skills, coordinating foot movements, and to work on shifting weight between legs, working on stepping and then dragging.  In martial arts, it is important to be light on our feet, to be able to move in any direction, and being comfortable on our feet.  The step-drag is an important move to gain or lose distance and covering a shorter distance than a step-step while keeping the same stance.  Ladybugs Step-Drag


On another note, today was the last day of martial arts for the Ladybugs.  They have become mindful martial artists who are stronger, more flexible, and more connected with their bodies and spirit.  Thank you for a great time!

Rockets Step-Drag-Punch   Ladybugs Step-Drag


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