Ghost Chant Scare!

One of my favorite Halloween activities is to pretend to be ghosts using scarves.  Many students remember it from last year and are ready to scare themselves and their friends!  I changed my chant this year to provide an element of surprise with instructions on who to scare and to provide prep time to scare together.

All-Stars Ghost Chant

Look out, look out, there’s a ghost.  OoooOooo
Look out, look out, there’s a ghost.  OoooOooo
Let’s scare (Name), Let’s scare (Name).
Ready to scare?  1 – 2 – 3

Bears Ghost Chant

Students look forward to being ghosts and enjoy being scared themselves!  After scaring the teachers of the room, I ask the students to raise a quiet hand if they want us to scare them.  Most of them want to be part of the scaring action!  A couple of students are not ready to be scared and prefer to be the ghost, which is fine.  I choose one person and announce the person’s name in the chant.  It’s a surprise to everyone; so, the students have to listen for the name in the chant to find out who it is and then find the person in the room to scare.  This increases their awareness of where their peers are located in the room.

Ladybugs Ghost ChantIMG_8067

When we start, students are continuously saying “boo” when they want and after learning the chant, they learn to wait and say it when it is time.  The rhythm of the chant is the structure that helps students stay together and follow the directions.  The prep time to find the person and the count-off to say “boo,” helps students’ impulse control.  The rhythmic chant motivates them to scare as a group and learn how powerful it is to say “boo” together.  Students do well in listening and following directions in scaring one teacher or friend at a time.  They are also great in waiting for their turn to be surprised when their friends scare them.  For many classes, we work on saying a small “boo” compared to screaming, working on vocal control and production.  This a nice way to prepare for some Halloween scariness.  Some students challenge themselves to keep a straight face when scared, while others work on staying in one spot or enjoy having the experience of being scared.  It’s a scary fun time being ghosts!

Mustangs Ghost Chant Penguins Ghost Chants  Explorers Ghost Chant Wranglers Ghost Chant Dolphins Ghost Chant


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