Crawling in A Spider web!

In Creative Movement, I had a surprise for the Dolphins and Seals.  After our hello warm-up song, the students helped me roll up the carpet to uncover a larger than life spider web!  They were all so excited and thrilled to be standing and sitting in the middle of a spider web.  Many of them were already pretending to be stuck and caught in the web.

Seals Spider Web

My focus today was to work on movement in a space with boundaries.  To start our web experience, we pretended we were spiders crawling around the web.  Then I put on music that had pauses to work on student’s attention skills and impulse control.  Students tuned in to the music and crawled to the various sounds and froze with the pauses.  They were giggling with some of the silly sounds they heard and gleefully crawled around the spider web.  It was the best impulse control that I have seen from them!Dolphins Spider Web

Students who had difficulty moving in a large room and always wanted to run around in circles before were very comfortable staying within our spider web.  The boundaries gave them guidelines of where to move and they did so very well as spiders.  Two students were unsure about the spider web and walked along the outside of it until they felt comfortable to be on the tape and in the spider web.  All the students stayed and moved within the spider web.  The spider web worked student’s spatial awareness and body awareness; they looked to see how far the spider web extended and made sure they did not crawl into a friend.  Every body was safe!

I initially used painter’s tape to create the spider web and found that it was ripping quickly, within the first minutes of use!  So after the Dolphins class, I remade the spider web with Mavalus tape, which is stick, sturdy, and does not leave a tape residue.  Students in my martial arts classes saw the edges of the spider web and are extremely excited to play in it during our music class next week.Seals Spider Web  Something new for Halloween!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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