Birthday Grams: Social Skills

Last Friday was the Gala Auction party “Taste the Rainbow” at The Parish School.  I donated 30 Birthday Grams to be auctions and they all sold!  I want to thank the parents who bid on them!  I know birthdays are always a special day for students.Birthday Gram

Today, I celebrated one student’s birthday; he was excited and I was excited!  I have been doing Birthday Grams for two years and I have learned and seen what a great social skills learning opportunity it is.  For some of the students, they are anxious about birthday parties because they don’t understand the social rules, or have a hard time because it is focusing on someone else rather than them.  The birthday gram is a chance to practice singing to one person, thinking about the birthday person, and staying with the group in a safe environment.  In addition, for some students, they develop awareness about having a birthday and to learn how to celebrate their birthday with peers.Wranglers Birthday Gram

I went to one class six times one year and I saw the positive effects of the birthday gram.  The students developed their singing skills, gained familiarity with the melody of the birthday song, were more socially aware of celebrating friends’ birthday, and singing as a group.  They were less anxious, prepared, and ready to participate in their friend’s celebration.  Students had great manners in receiving or choosing a cupcake, thanking the birthday boy/girl, and commenting on their decorations.

Thank you for your bids on the birthday grams and I look forward to celebrating birthdays with 30 students and teachers this year! Birthday Gram


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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