Q-Chord: Move With Colors

G. Dolphins Q-ChordI brought out a fun new instruments for the Seals and Dolphins to play: the Q-Chord.   Each student and teacher had a chance to play the Q-chord by moving a finger on the touch pad.  One student was feeling sad before coming to music and did not want to play with his hands.  So, I suggested he used his nose to play and he loved it!  It was silly and funny to play an instrument with his nose and that got him smiling.  While we took turnings in playing, everyone was quiet, focused, and listening to the different sounds made by the finger touches of up, down, bouncing, and smooth.

L. Seals Q-Chord

After everyone had a chance to play the Q-Chord, I utilized it for our Creative Movement activity.  The Q-Chord is a combination of a keyboard and guitar with a variety of sounds and instrument options.  Utilizing it for live music, I chose a fun dance beat and sang/chanted the “Move With Colors” song.  Holding a binder with color cards and the color name written on the card, I asked students to name the color in the song.  Then I sang the color and action twice to give students time to process and complete the action.  They really enjoyed naming the color and doing the action.

Dolphins Moving With Colors

This is a fun multi-sensory way to learn, move, and association colors with an action through rhyme.  In addition, built into the song is an interactive part where students have to wait for the question instead of blurting out the color name.  After hearing the question, they then respond with the color, and in doing so, we have an exchange about the colors they see.

Colors, colors, let’s move with colors.
What color do you see? Red, red, touch your head.
What color do you see? Blue, blue, touch your shoe.
What color do you see? Yellow, yellow, shake like jello.
What color do you see? Orange, you see, pat your knee.
What color do you see? Brown, brown, touch the ground.
What color do you see? Black, black, scratch your black.
What color do you see? Pink, pink, show me how you blink.
What color do you see? White, white, take a bite.
What color do you see? Green, green, don’t be seen.
What color do you see? Purple, purple, draw a circle.
What color do you see? Gray, gray, shout hooray.
Colors, colors, that’s how we move with colors.

Seals Moving With Colors

Seals Moving With Colors


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