iPad App: “Magic Piano”

Magic Piano” is one of my favorite free iPad piano app.  My private music students enjoying choosing this app as their iPad reward time for spending focused time on the piano.  Within the app, there are four different keyboards that students can play freestyle.  There is a traditional layout of a piano presented in a fun ways for play.  Students love drawing a circle with their finger and hearing the keys play in a continuous circular or spiral motion.

Magic Piano iPad AppMagic Piano iPad App

In another sections, students can choose to play from hundreds of songs.  There are classical, pop, rock, country, kids, video games, musicals, J-Pop & K-Pop, and movies & tv songs all for purchase.  Free songs are released about once a week to build up the “My Songs” collection.  As one plays through songs, one earns coins that can go towards the purchase of songs.  Students choose the song they want to play in addition to the level of difficulty: easy, medium, or hard.  To play the song, students watch the yellow or green falling circles and wait for them to line up with the yellow line and then touch to play the song.

Magic Piano iPad App

Magic Piano is wonderful for working on students’ impulse control, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, listening, fine motor skills in using one to four fingers, choice in control of use, steady beat, and patience in waiting for the dots to meet the line.  Many students love to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and feel so proud when they earn one to three stars for their performance.  They are practicing their piano skills on the iPad!

Magic Piano iPad App


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2 Responses to iPad App: “Magic Piano”

  1. Tish Wolter says:

    Hi, Hilary! We got Magic Piano and both of our girls are enjoying it! Thanks for sharing!


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