Sing and Move to “A Ram Sam Sam”

The Ladybugs, Bears, and Zebras are singing “A Ram Sam Sam,” a popular folk song and children’s game from Morocco.  We learned the song in three pieces: “A ram sam sam,” “guli,” and “a rafi.”  We learned hand motions that accompanied each phrase: pound fists atop of each other, rolling arms in front of body, and raising arms above head and back to lap, respectively.

Bears  A Ram Sam SamA. Bears  A Ram Sam Sam

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam,
guli guli guli guli guli ram sam sam,
A rafi, a rafi,
guli guli guli guli, guli ram sam sam.

This folk song has fun words and a simple melody for students to follow.  After learning the song, I ask students to lead their classmates using the microphone.  They are excited to hear their own voice through the microphone system.  By being a leader, they reinforce the melody, words, and actions of our song.  It is a great opportunity to showcase their leadership skills, singing skills, and increase their performance comfort.  A couple of students were a little shy about singing with the microphone and led the hand movements while their peers sang.

C. Ladybugs  A Ram Sam SamJ. Ladybugs  A Ram Sam Sam

Most of the students love the chance to be the leader and in the spotlight.  They have developed patience in waiting for their turn, encouraging their friends to sing, and singing together as a group.  This song is a nice way to work on changing pitch without focusing too much on words as they are repetitive.  Singing and moving at the same time improves student’s attention, coordination, and body awareness.

C. Zebras  A Ram Sam Sam M. Zebras A Ram Sam Sam


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2 Responses to Sing and Move to “A Ram Sam Sam”

  1. Using a microphone is so fantastic for giving clients an opportunity to be a leader in the group. You just encouraged me to do so more often! Thanks for sharing such a great activity idea!


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