Handbell Play By Colors

“Sounds like church.” – L. Ducks
“Color purple, my favorite!” – M. Giraffes

Ducks HandbellsGiraffes Handbells

The Ducks, All-Stars, Giraffes, and Turtles played the handbells this week.  I demonstrated how to ring the two different types of bells: one with button on top and one without.  Holding the handle, I showed how using one finger to push down on the button plays the bell.  In addition, I gently moved my wrist back and forth to play both types of handbells.  To stop the sound, I placed the bell on my shoulder.  Other places to stop are on the belly or leg.  Every student had a turn to practice to ring and stop.

Ducks HandbellsAll-Stars Handbells

After naming the colors of the bells and lining them in musical order, I had students choose one.  The bells with the button on top was preferred by most students.  For several of them, it took lots of finger strength to press it to hear the sound.  They were gleeful in hearing their bell.  To coordinate our group play, I held up colored cards.  When students saw a card with the same color as their bell, it was their turn to play.  Students were excited to see the color I held up and see which of their friends had that color.  Several of them helped direct, “Green, your turn!”Turtles Handbells

Giraffes HandbellsDucks Handbells

Students were in high spirits playing the bells.  They loved hearing the ringing tones and listening to the different sounds of the colors.  Playing the bells with color cards work on color recognition, impulse control, and attention skills.  I was pleased to see students recognized their colors and helped each other know when to play and stop.  It was difficult for many students to control their playing as they wanted to play the whole time or with a similar color.  After several colored cards and seeing their color, they were thrilled to play and then wait again for their turn.  It was wonderful to see students working on their eye contact and whole body listening, ready to play.  They shared that the handbells are cool!

Turtles HandbellsAll-Stars Handbells


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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