In The News: Singing In A Choir: Increases Happiness

Thursday is choir day!  Students are excited for singing and sharing music together; as am I!  We have started learning music for our upcoming shows and I am pleased with our progress.The Parish School Choir

I read an article that shared the benefits of singing in a choir, such as the “singer’s high,” lower stress levels, less anxiety, increased feelings of trust and bonding, and happiness.   I see students who walk in tired from their day or frustrated about something; after singing with the group, they are much happier and feel more relaxed.  There are so many choir days that I leave feeling so happy and energized, all because of singing together with the students.  We are bonded and engaged with each other through singing.  In addition, the students are proud of themselves when they learn to sing a new song or after they have performed.  Research is still being done to how the body and brain respond to music and singing in groups.   No matter the intonation of your sound, just sing; especially with a group.  Click here read the full article.The Parish School Choir

The Parish School Choir

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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3 Responses to In The News: Singing In A Choir: Increases Happiness

  1. Who can become a music therapist? I love to help through singing.
    I also sing in the choir and I read a lot about caring towards the sick and medical books. My mother is a nurse.


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