Students Share Dance Songs

At the beginning of the year, I like to ask students to tell me songs they like to dance and listen to.  This ensures that when it is kid’s choice to choose a dance song, I have something they like and want to dance to.  In addition, it helps keep me in the loop of what students are listening to and what they prefer.  It’s interesting to learn new songs and see what are favorites!  Many are top radio songs while some are edited versions.

Here is a list of songs that the elementary students have share:

– Call Me, Maybe
– Who Let the Dogs Out
– Dynamite
– I Like to Move It, Move It
– Diamonds (In The Sky)
– Single Ladies
– Beautiful
– We Are Young
– Disney Songs
– Fireworks
– Hokey Pokey
– Boom Boom Pow
– Cha Cha Slide
– Moves Like Jagger (Clean Version)
– Party Rock
– Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)
– Rolling In The Deep
– Michael Jackson songs
– Taylor Swift songs
– Light ‘Em Up
– I Gotta Feeling
– We Are Young
– Gangnam Style (Clean Version)
– I Love It (Clean Version)
– Bad day
– Thrift Shop (Kidz Bop Version)

Please feel free to share any other dance song you or students like in the comment below!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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