“Hold Ya Head” Dance

“Hold Ya Head” by Stevie S. is a fun new song for the start of the year.  Directions to hold and touch different body parts, such as the head, ear, and nose are embedded in the lyrics.  In addition, there is lots of room to “Shake it up, shake it up!” which gives students time to shake their body any way they like to dance.  The students have fun shaking out and following the directions to hold different body parts.  The rhythmic music encourages students to dance, even some of the shyest dancers are up and grooving!

To aid with the body holding part, I call out the directions during the song to emphasize and assist the students in hearing the directions.  When the song sings about touching all over the place, I sing about shaking all over the place to give students a more time to shake their bodies.  Some friends are jumping, wiggling, and moving with all their might!








Most of the students love the structure of the song in touching head, ears, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, and shake.  Then to touch toes, knees, and waist to shake it again.  There are a few times in the song that it changes by adding ankles, shins, thighs and bottom.  The students find it so silly to shake and touch their bottoms and we are full of giggles!  This song is great for following directions, moving to the music, and staying with the group.  It’s a fun way to work on body awareness, coordination, and range of motion.

IMG_5974P. MustangsIMG_6073IMG_6185        


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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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