Good-Bye Summer, Hello School!

“Can I tell you something?” – Students

HilaryIt’s the beginning of school and when seeing students for the first time, they either want to share what they did over the summer or what is going on at school.  There are also students who need a prompt to start the conversation.  With that in mind, I wrote a short song about saying good-bye to summer and hello to school.

Good-bye summer,
We enjoyed our home days.
Now it’s time for school,
Class, friends, and things to do.

Think about your summer,
What did you do?
If you want to share,
Raise a quiet hand.
(call on students)

Think about school,
What are you excited for?
If you want to share,
Raise a quiet hand.
(call on students)

Depending on the student’s level, I started with prompts: “I went to…” or “I’m excited for…” or “I can’t wait for…”  Through this opening activity, every student shares one or two things and we connect on where we traveled and what we like to do.  Students shared about going to the beach, swimming, playing video games, eating ice cream, going to Italy, Galveston, London, Colorado, California, and lakes.  Everyone was busy this summer!  In several classes, students and teacher realized that they traveled to the same places around the same time.  Students expressed that they are excited to be back at school, for recess, learning, music, and seeing friends. At the end of our activity, I asked students what their friends said and they could recite what was shared.Ducks

Within the song, the lyrics directs students to think about summer and school and gives sung directions to raise a quiet hand to share with the group.  This helps facilitate our class dialogue in a structured manner while providing an opportunity for quieter students a chance to speak.  Dedicating conversation time in music  is a great way for students to express themselves, use their words, and work on their listening and memory skills.  It is wonderful to see the students listening, expressing their ideas, and practicing taking turns within the first week of school.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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