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Treasure Hunt: “X” Marks the Spot

The Buccaneers went on a treasure hunt in music!  I placed some goodies in brown paper bags marked with a “X” around the room.  And sang this song to give each student a turn to find a treasure in the … Continue reading

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Making a Paper Didgeridoo

The Travelers and Explorers are studying Australia.  In music, I shared an Australian instrument, the didgeridoo.  The didgeridoo is usually 3 to 10 feet long, made of tree wood.  Australians take their favorite tree branch or trunk, hollow it out, … Continue reading

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Larry the Lobster: Sing and Chant with Hats!

Larry the lobster, Larry the lobster, digging in the sand.  Oh, what a guy! Larry the lobster, Larry the lobster, singing along his way.  Oh, no! Watch out, Larry!  Here comes a (shark).  Here comes a (shark). Run, Larry, run.  … Continue reading

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The Recorders Flash Mob!

This week, the Travelers learned about Argentina and the quena (pronounced ke-na), the traditional Andean flute.  We watched a video demonstration of how to play the quena, blowing into it, and finger placement.  The students noticed that the quena is … Continue reading

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The Dinosaurs Play the Drum

Dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur, roar! Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, roar! Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe, roar! The Dinosaurs class played the drums as dinosaurs, stomping, tiptoeing, and roaring.  We chanted the words above and played them to a rhythm.  Our hands … Continue reading

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Martial Arts Class: Our Rules

Today marks the second martial arts class for the Bubbleologists, Kittens, Robots, Chameleons, and Detectives; we are already half way through camp!  Many students have learned some martial arts from me before and for some students, it is a new … Continue reading

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“The Seed Song” in Action

The Pandas are learning “The Seed Song” from a book by the same name with lyrics by Judy Saksie.  It is a short song that describes what happens to a seed, from being planted to growing.  The words easily lends … Continue reading

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