Treasure Hunt: “X” Marks the Spot

The Buccaneers went on a treasure hunt in music!  I placed some goodies in brown paper bags marked with a “X” around the room.  And sang this song to give each student a turn to find a treasure in the room:IMG_4843Buccanneers Treasure Hunt

Looking for some treasure,
“X” marks the spot.
Take a look around you,
(Name) find an “X.”

(Name) found some treasure
Take the bag, sit down,
Open it and look inside
(Name) tell us what you found.

J. Buccanneers Treasure HuntThe Buccaneers were so excited to have a turn to look for treasure!  They saw bags around the piano, on the desk, under chairs, behind the doors, and on top of drawers.  When they picked a bag, they could hardly wait to open it to see what was inside and then marveled at what they found.  In each bag was a different treasure: chocolate gold coin, necklace, sunglasses, spider ring, toy car, or a shell.  One student took a bite of his gold coin and then decided he wanted to save it for his mom.  The students were so excited about wearing their new necklaces.  When I told them that they could take it home and it was their treasure to keep, they were overjoyed!

L. Buccanneers Treasure HuntC. Buccanneers Treasure HuntBuccanneers Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt was great pirate fun in working with students on following directions, taking turns, and visually finding an “X.”  The Buccaneers waited patiently in their seat for their turn and a few occasionally said their name to tell me they wanted a turn.  I was impressed how they waited and watched their friends find treasure.  The students also put their social skills to use as they said a big “Thank you” to me for their treasure.  Several of them hugged me and blew me kisses as a their way of saying thanks.  “X” marks the spot for treasure!

Buccanneers Treasure HuntBuccanneers Treasure Hunt

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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