Larry the Lobster: Sing and Chant with Hats!

Larry the lobster, Larry the lobster, digging in the sand.  Oh, what a guy!
Larry the lobster, Larry the lobster, singing along his way.  Oh, no!
Watch out, Larry!  Here comes a (shark).  Here comes a (shark).
Run, Larry, run.  Hide in the water.  Run, Larry, run.  Hide in the water.
– Lisa Ann Parker, adapted by Hilary Yip
Owls Larry the Lobster

The Owls, Turtles, Bears, Zebras, Belugas, Agents enjoyed singing and playing a part in “Larry the Lobster.”  Larry the Lobster digs in the sand in the middle of the circle while everyone is singing.  Then a sea creature sneaks up behind him.  The students yell, “watch out, Larry!” and he has to run to the water to be safe.  Sometimes a sea creature gets him before he gets to the water and most of the time, he makes it safely to the water.Turtles Larry the Lobster

Students enthusiastically played the parts of Larry and other sea creatures.  First, we did the song with laminated pictures of the sea creatures.   They held them and hid them behind a photo of water.  Options of sea creatures were dolphin, starfish, shark, fish, whale, jellyfish, and octopus.  Students enjoyed learning the words and doing the actions that accompany the song.

Bears  Larry the Lobster

To make things even more exciting during the next class time, we used costume hats that students loved!  I had whale, shark, fish, sea urchin, turtle and octopus hats.  The students were happy to wear them and thought some of them were so cute!  Many of them were curious about the sea urchin and shared that it could be poisonous!  In addition, I had a board covered in blue butcher paper that was our water for Larry to hide in.  This gave Larry the option to run around the room before making it safely to the water.Zebras  Larry the LobsterBears  Larry the Lobster

Because the tune and words are easy to learn, so many students have learned and continuously sing “Larry the Lobster.”  They sing it leaving the music room, in the classroom, and on the playground.  They tell me that they play it outside as well!  It is great to see that they love “Larry the Lobster” so much that they want to play it more.  The students worked on following direction and sequencing events while taking turns being the different sea creatures.  Through seeing all the animals, it reinforces what they are learning in their classrooms.  It is so much fun to sing and chant about Larry the Lobster!Zebras Larry the Lobster

Belugas Larry the LobsterBelugas Larry the Lobster   Zebras Larry the Lobster     Turtles Larry the Lobster Agents Larry the LobsterTurtles Larry the Lobster

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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