The Recorders Flash Mob! week, the Travelers learned about Argentina and the quena (pronounced ke-na), the traditional Andean flute.  We watched a video demonstration of how to play the quena, blowing into it, and finger placement.  The students noticed that the quena is similar to the recorder.  So we took what we learned to the recorder.

We learned “Hot Cross Buns” that uses three finger play.  I wrote out the numbers on the board and the students quickly picked up the song.  We practiced for two minutes and then were ready to take our show on the road!

Travelers Recorders Flash Mob

I decided that we should do a recorders flash mob in the Administration building.  I told the students that we needed to walk in quietly, without playing or saying anything, then play our song, take a bow, and then walk to the next place.  We surprised different offices and staff members through four flash mob performances.  The students were wonderful in being quiet walking in and then being ready to play.  They took a bow with each show.  We were asked a few questions: “How long did it take to learn?”  “How long did you practice?”  “What song was that?”  The students answered them and were so happy that the staff liked hearing them play.

Travelers Recorders Flash Mob

Our surprised audience enjoyed our flash mob performance and our playing got better each time we played it.  The students loved taking what we learned and sharing it with others.  They were confident in their playing abilities and each had great stage presence.  I was impressed at how quickly they learned and memorized “Hot Cross Buns” today.  By our fourth performance, the students were listening to each other and blending their sounds together.  They are a great team.  We had a blast doing a recorders flash mob!   IMG_4641Travelers Recorders Flash Mob


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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