Martial Arts Class: Our Rules

Today marks the second martial arts class for the Bubbleologists, Kittens, Robots, Chameleons, and Detectives; we are already half way through camp!  Many students have learned some martial arts from me before and for some students, it is a new experience andChameleons Martial ArtsRobots Martial Arts something different.

I start the class by explaining three rules:
The first rule is to stay safe. Which means to watch out for other students, only punch and kick the target bags, and to not use the moves on our friends, only in the air.

The second rule is to try.  For many students, martial arts is not in their repertoire and they are doing something different in sequencing movements, punching and kicking bags, and doing stretches and calisthenics.  They are flexible and great at following along.

The third rule is to have fun.  No matter what happens in class and what we are doing, I always want the students to have fun and leave feeling good about what they did.  They all enjoy it and I have been told it’s been great conversation at the dinner table and on the car ride home!C. Bubbleologists Martial Arts

C. Bubbleologists Martial ArtsI. Bubbleologists Martial Arts  \Kittens Martial ArtsB.R. Robots Martial ArtsRobots Martial Arts Chameleons Martial Arts        Detectives Martial Arts


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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