Surfing with a Carpet Surf Board

“Surf’s up dude!” – K. Bears”‘Do it again!” – Belugas

That’s right!  The Owls, Turtles, Belugas, Zebras, Bears, and Agents students are catching the waves in the music room.  We used a carpet square as a surf board and with the student’s imagination, we went surfing!

Turtles Carpet Surfing

With “Wipe Out” surfing music, we put on sunscreen on our faces, arms, and legs.  Then we got dressed in our bathing suits.  Some students even put on some goggles.  Then we swam out to the ocean, carrying our surf board.  Swimming around a couple of times, we looked for some waves, picked a spot, and placed our surf board on the water.  We jumped on the surfboard and rode the waves.  Woo!  Students placed out their hands, moved their hips and bent their knees while on their surfboard.  We switched stances with the music changes.  Then we swam out again and found another spot to surf for a while.  Then we swam back to the beach, safe and sound.

Owls Carpet Surfing

The students had wide imaginations and some of them saw sharks chasing us, some were jumping high as they were catching huge waves, and a few were swimming with dolphins.  They were telling each other the waves they were riding and how big the waves were.  All loved surfing on the carpet squares, thought it was so cool, and wanted to do it again.

Bears Carpet Surfing

Through surfing, the students worked their imagination, play scheme, following group direction, and their motor planning.  Their attention was on the music to listen for the changes to know when to change their stance and when they were riding the waves.  Everyone was focused and had a blast surfing with their friends.

J. & J. Agents Carpet SurfingB.R. Agents Carpet SurfingBelugas Carpet Surfing


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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