A Short Musical Trip of South America

The Explorers are learning about South America, so in music, we briefly explored the music, instruments, and dance of Brazil.  We listened to a YouTube video of some traditional Brazilian music, featuring a cuica.  It is a percussion instrument that has a body of metal with a skin head on one end.  Attached to the drum head is a bamboo stick that is about as long as the body of the instrument.  A wet cloth is rubbed on the bamboo stick, which causes the drum head to vibrate and make some great funny sounds.

Students played some traditional South American instruments: guiro, claves, panpipes, rainstick, bongos, rattle drum, and maracas with the above video to get a feel for the samba rhythm.  Some were dancing in their seats while playing!  So then it was time to dance.  We watched a traditional Brazilian folk dance.  Then the boy students paired up with a female teacher to do spins, twirls, hip shakes, steps, and move with the music.  Two boys sat and played music along with the video for us to dance.  It was very fast and energetic!

Explorers South American Instrument PlayExplorers South American Instrument Play








To end the music lesson on South America, I shared a fun song of the South America capitals.  With the repetitiveness, students sang along for some parts, listened, and were moved by the rhythm.  The words were fast and some of the capitals and countries were tricky to pronounce.  The Explorers enjoyed our musical journey of South America.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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