iPad App: “Soundrop”

“It looks like snow!”
“That is so cool!”

I shared an iPad music app with my classes called “Soundrop.”  (It’s free!) A ball continuously drops from a point.  After watching the ball drop and hearing no sounds, I drew a line with my finger across the screen.  When the ball touched the line, it made a sound.  Students were in awe!  I gave them each a turn to use one finger to draw a line anywhere on the screen.  About half the students drew a line where the ball will touch.  Another half of the students drew a line anywhere on the screen where the ball did not touch because of the other lines in the way.

iPad: Soundrop AppThe students enjoyed hearing the music that is caused by the balls touching the lines that they have drawn.  Each line and location on the screen makes a different sound.  We listened to the classes’ song and many students commented that it sounded crazy or like a video game.  They loved watching the balls get trapped in the lines and where they fell off the screen.  They thought the sounds the ball made were so cool!  After giving students two turns to draw several lines, we deleted the lines.  To delete a line, you touch it quickly two times.  Students liked to free the balls from the lined spaces and to hear how the frantic sounds slowed down.

This app is great for fine motor skills, choice and control, listening skills, and for sensory stimulation of watching the balls drop and bounce amongst the lines created.  In addition, Soundrop is good to help students with their planning and decision-making skills of where to put the lines that will cause an effect when the ball drops.  So many students commented that they want this game on their iPad!

iPad: Soundrop App


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