Music Party With A New Piano!

This past Saturday, I had a Music Party with some of my private music students and their families.  Each of the students performed a song or two for their friends and family.  There was variety in instruments: piano, voice, and the hand bells.  This music party was the students’ first show for their families to share what they have been learning in our music lessons.

Music Party 2013!

I am so proud of each of my students!  They were all brave to share their own music and playing their piece from their books.  It was wonderful to see their excitement in the music and how much fun they had!  They are each growing in their own musical journeys and it was nice for them to see how other kids play the piano and make music.

A. Music Party 2013!Thanks to the Roberts Grant, I was purchased a new Yamaha upright piano!  That’s right, a new piano for the music classroom.  With this new piano, students can build stronger fingers, develop good aural listening skills, and play on a solid pleasing piano. The students fell in love with it on Saturday and are already reaping the benefits of a new piano.  They are learning to treat a piano with respect with clean hands, and to be gentle with the keys.  Their fingers are working hard to play the heavier keys than our keyboard and spinet piano.  Here’s to future pianists!

Thank you, Roberts Grant for our new piano!


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