Choir Dance Party and Recap

It’s the last day of choir and we celebrated with a dance party!  Dancing to “Celebration” and “Party Rock Anthem,” students made their own conga lines, dance moves, and had a blast dancing with each other.  Students from different classes mingled and boogied around the library.  You can see their friendships and the camaraderie they have formed.

Choir Party Conga Line

Choir Party Conga LineAfter some dancing, we sat down and did a recap on our year in choir.  I had students name the events we sang as a choir this year.  We were very busy with the Annual Luncheon, Book Fair, Music Doing Good’s “Ring Them Bells!,” City Hall with the Mayor, Winter Sing-A-Long, Mighty Oak Bash, and the Musical.  We sang at 7 events in the 10 months we were in school.  That’s a lot of hard work in learning songs, practicing, and performing!

Choir ReviewI came up with a little phrase to sing: “Hey, hey, we wanna hear what you wanna say.”  (We sang back and forth on two notes).  After we sang it, I passed the microphone to a student to share what was their favorite event and why.  All students who wanted to share had a turn.  I placed check marks for the student’s favorites.

Most students shared they liked being in the musical, singing on the big stage, and singing with their friends.

We had fun singing and performing this year!  Thanks for listening to us!

Choir Party Conga Line


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