Martial Arts: Target Bag Partners

It’s coming to the end of the semester in martial arts and I thought the Mustangs were ready to try some partner work.  They were very excited about it!  Paired off with someone their level, they received one target bag.  One person held the target bag while the other person did punches and kicks.  After about 30 seconds, they switched roles.  We worked out to “Boom Boom Pow,” giving students a strong beat to keep a strike pace.

Mustangs Target Bag PartnersThrough working with each other, they displayed trust, confidence, and control.  They were focused on striking the target bags and not their partners.  While holding the bag, they learned to stand in a strong stance with bent elbows and knees to ensure that they could withstand the strikes and not get injured.

Mustangs Target Bag Partners

The Mustangs enjoyed the freedom and control in holding the target bag for their partner, rather than me holding it.  They could feel the power behind their partner’s strikes and many of them backed themselves against the wall.  I told them to stand their ground and move away from the wall to avoid injury.  They were so proud of themselves for proving their strength to strike and to hold the bag.  I am so proud of them for taking what we have learned and applied it in working as partners.

Mustangs Target Bag Partners  Mustangs Target Bag PartnersMustangs Target Bag Partners

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One Response to Martial Arts: Target Bag Partners

  1. rp3drums says:

    pretty awesome stuff. teaching teamwork, trust, and all at the same time letting the kids let out aggression, but controlled aggression, mental and physical. good for you…I dig your teaching style…now, back to the drums! haha


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