Garden Bugs Movement Stations

“I’m so excited!” – L. Seals

Creating a garden in the music room, the Zebras and Seals were bugs at different stations: worm, roly poly, butterfly, and free bug choice.  I played “The Garden Song” by Charlotte Diamond that gave a nice gentle pace to our movements.  They started by wiggling as worms under the piano bench, then they rolled as roly poly on the red mat.  Next, they flew around two chairs as butterflies, and then they chose to be any bug in the spiderweb by walking, flying, or sitting in the web.  I placed some options as ant, ladybug, or beetle.

Seals Garden Bugs StationsSeals Garden Bugs Stations








All the students loved visiting the different stations and doing the different bug actions.  I placed a picture of the bug at each station to give students a visual reminder of what to do.  The students looked at the picture and then did the action.  It was great to see them thinking about what the bug does.

L. Zebras Garden Bugs StationsZebras Garden Bugs Stations








They loved to wiggle under the bench, really using their core strength to get them through.  Some crawled through as they needed their arms to get under.  All enjoyed rolling on their side on the mat and the Seals even did somersaults with some teacher assistance.  When they saw the butterfly picture, they flew in a figure 8 around the chairs, waving their arms.  In the web, some students sat and told me what bug they were, or pretended to eat other bugs, or walked on the web.
C. Zebras Garden Bugs StationsThe garden bug stations worked their gross motor skills, strength, and coordination.  They were all great in taking turns to be the bugs, going to the next station, and decoding what they should do at that bug station.  Great bug knowledge!Seals Garden Bugs StationsSeals Garden Bugs Stations

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