iPad app: “Pluto Plays Piano”

I want to share this fun music iPad app that many of my private piano students love to play.  It is called “Pluto Plays Piano” and it is free!  In the game, students direct Pluto, the penguin, to swim up or down to touch the notes in a blue bubble to play the song.  When he touches the note, we hear a music sound; blue ones are part of the song and the gray ones make a funny sound.  The goal is to touch all the notes to play the song while avoiding the notes in a gray bubble, rocks, octopus, and jellyfish.

Pluto Plays Piano iPad App

This app is great for tracking, finger control, and visual discrimination, using the finger to follow the directionality (up or down) of the notes in blue.  These are important skills in learning how to play the piano and read notes.  The notes sit on a music staff with letters inside the fish, so students can see what notes they are touching.  For students who are working on reading music notes, I have them read the notes as Pluto swims through them.  It is rewarding and a break for students to play on the iPad after playing and working on the piano.  This app continues their music learning of reading and following notes, listening to music, and focusing their attention for the duration of the song.  They earn stars at the completion of the song and with more stars, we can buy new songs.


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