Houston Symphony Community Connections Concert

Laurel Oak and Post Oak students enjoyed a Piano Trio concert as part of the SUEZ Energy Houston Symphony Community Connections program.

Piano Trio Concert


The piano trio of violin, cello, and piano played pieces by Brahms and Haydn.  Several students were conducting as they listened to the music.  Others students swayed to the music and watched musician’s fast fingers play.  They were a great active listening audience, clapping at the end of the piece enthusiastically.

Piano Trio Concert


KTRK television cameraman was present to do some filming to spotlight some of the Houston Symphony collaborations throughout the community (see cameraman in photos below).  We may be briefly featured as audience members in a segment about Houston Symphony’s centennial season (2013-2014).  The students barely noticed him and were very focused on the piano trio.

Piano Trio ConcertPiano Trio Concert

The musicians shared that they started playing when they were ages 4, 5, and 7, which is the age of some of the students.  During the question and answer portion, many students loved sharing what they have and what they know:
“I play the piano.”
“I have a piano at home.”
“The bow is made of horse hair.”
“The violin has four strings.”

Thank you to Houston Symphony for giving our students the opportunity to experience a piano trio concert.  They enjoyed it!

Piano Trio Concert  \


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