Last Day: OT Drumming Contest

It’s day four, the last day of the OT drumming contest.  There were several students missing this week, so they will get a chance to drum next week to boost their class’s score.  OT Contests are still happening in art, PE, and drama, so we will find out which elementary and preschool class wins at the end of the month.  Each class wants to win!

I am proud of everyone who competed.  It was very interesting to observe each student’s way of drumming.  There were students who jumped up and down while they drummed, exerting energy across their body.  Some students drummed around the drum, moving in a circle across the drum head.  Some students drummed standing and some drummed while kneeling on their knees.  Several students pounded with their fists or even used the back of their hands, which is quite a different feel on the hands.  A couple even used their elbows when their hands were tired!  Many students stuck to playing a rhythmic pattern, several of them entrained their drumming to the pace of the cheering from their friends, going faster!  Most of the students looked at me or off into a distance while they drummed, only some of them actually looked at the drum or their hands.

In that 30 seconds of drumming, I learned about each student’s personality, musicality, and skill sets.  Thank you to all the students who drummed!

L. Ducks Drumming Contest C. Agents  Drumming ContestHere are the top class drummers of today:

L. Ducks: 104
C. Agents: 198


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3 Responses to Last Day: OT Drumming Contest

  1. rp3drums says:

    hey, not to go on and on, but I teach kids how to play the drums, and I too notice how they approach playing…one particular 6 year old will bop around and dance to the beat she is creating! Also I teach Open handed drumming, which kids naturally play when they begin. Adults have a much harder time with it. Keep up the good work!!


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