iPad App: “Bloom HD”

Bloom HD AppIn all my classes this week, I have been using “Bloom HD” app on the iPad ($3.99).  I love this app for various reasons.  When students touch with a finger on the screen, a colored circle appears with a sound, great sensory stimulation.  The colors and sounds are layered as students each take a turn. creating a combination of sounds into a class song. Students and teachers alike found the music soothing and relaxing.

Mustangs Bloom HD AppThis app is great for cooling down after dancing, singing, and working hard in music.  Students enjoyed watching the circles appear and grow on the screen and how they all mixed together.  In addition, the iPad was a great reinforcer and reward for students to participate in the activity before the iPad and during the Bloom HD activity.  They focused, listened, and followed directions to get one, two, or three turns to touch the iPad.

Bears Bloom HD AppIn addition to listening to Bloom HD music that the class made together, I added rainsticks, egg shakers, and castanets to create a thunderstorm, emulating what we heard in the weekend and the past couple of days.   I pointed to students, giving each a solo, then had all the egg shakers play, all the castanets play, and then everyone.  The students really enjoyed the Bloom HD music and adding the rain and thunder.

Bloom HD AppWe placed our instruments back in the boxes while still listening to Bloom HD.  Then I had everyone listen for 30 seconds, with their eyes closed or open.  Also, we took a few deep breaths together.  Then they each got one last touch before they lined up.

The students left music relaxed and quiet. 🙂


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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