More Instrument Exploration

It was a great day for trying new instruments in the All-Stars and Alligators class!  I read “Root-A-Toot-Toot” to the All-Stars and they tried the three brass instruments: French Horn, trumpet, and trombone.  They all worked to put their lips together into the small mouthpiece and blew.  The students were encouraging each other to play, congratulating each other when they made sound, and were so proud of everyone for trying.  There were cheers for each student.  Their faces lit up when they heard a sound out of the instrument!  Great work on their oral muscles and breath control.

C. All-Stars Trombone

P. All-Stars Trumpet

J. All-Stars French Horn

L. All-Stars Trumpet

B. All-Stars Trombone J. All-Stars TrumpetC. All-Stars Trumpet M. All-Stars TromboneC. All-Stars Trumpet   H. All-Stars Trumpet


























In the Alligators class, we talked about the mouthpiece that is used to play the brass instruments and practiced blowing our lips.  I also shared the violin and viola.  We talked about the viola having a bigger shape and lower sound than the violin and that they look similar.  Many of the students felt inclined to try the violin again and felt more comfortable to try a brass instrument after watching their friends play.  There were lots of laughter as friends tried to blow into the horns!

A. Alligators Violin M. Alligators ViolinC. Alligators Violin  A. Alligators ViolinZ. Alligators ViolinA. Alligators TrumpetB.R. Alligators TrumpetD. Alligators Trumpet


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One Response to More Instrument Exploration

  1. Nancy Bewley says:

    Your hands on activities are such wonderful experiences for the students. Each picture is worth a thousand words. I am looking forward to the trip to the symphony!


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