Legs: Jumps and Leaps Circuit

The Labs and Mustangs were in for a treat in martial arts.  I took advantage of the library space and designed a leg work out circuit for them.  I spaced out three choir risers and laid out carpet squares in a line near the risers.  At both ends of the circuit, a teacher stood there with target bags for kicking, punching, and combinations.Labs Martial Arts Circuit

The students were instructed to walk, run, or leap on top of the stairs, and over to the next one.  Then do punches or a combination that I called out on the target bags.  Then the Labs leaped over the carpet squares, avoiding touching them.  If they touched one, they had to do five push-ups.  The Mustangs leaped onto a carpet square, avoiding the floor.  If they touched the floor, they had to do five push-ups.  To end, they did kicks on the target bags.  Then they repeated the circuit.P. Labs Martial Arts Circuit

Many of the students were flying over the risers and the carpet squares with very fluid motions.  One or two of them actually walked up the risers and slowly climbed down, being very careful along the way.  They had to pause and prepare their strikes on the bag, thinking about their legs and arms as I called out a combination.  One Mustang loved doing push-ups and purposefully stepped off the carpet squares to do push-ups on the side.  Great leg work today in taking turns, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance through about fifteen rotations.

Labs Martial Arts Circuit     W. Labs Martial Arts CircuitS. Mustangs Martial Arts CircuitMustangs Martial Arts Circuit

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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