Rhythm and Rhyme: Word Families

R. Agents Rhythm and RhymeMarch is the month of Dr. Seuss!  Students made “Cat in the Hat” hats, read Dr. Seuss books, and work on words that rhyme.  To support their learning in music, I designed a rhythm and rhyme activity.  Taking what I did last year, (click here to read post), I focused on word families this year.  This is to direct students to notice that words that rhyme together all have the same ending.

C. Giraffes Rhythm and RhymeC. Zebras Rhythm and Rhyme








On my easel, I wrote the word ending that we were using (all or at) and then a word that has that ending.  Then I played a steady drum beat while saying the clue about the word that rhymes with that word.  Most of the students listen intently to the clue and were so excited say the word!  For some of the words, I drew pictures to give an extra clue.

J. Agents Rhythm and RhymeT. Zebras Rhythm and Rhyme









Playing a steady drum beat helps students to track the words I am saying, keep their attention on task, and think about what word fits into the patterned sentence.  Because listening and playing the drum requires joint attention, I adjust to each student’s level of participation on the drum.  Some students are ready to follow and keep a steady beat while others just want to play the drum.  I may pat the drum while holding their hands or just have them listen first, state the answer, and then play the drum together while doing the whole rhyme again.  At the end, we read all the words that rhyme together.

Rhythm and RhymeIt rhymes with tall.
It’s round and it bounces, it’s a (ball).

It rhymes with ball.
If you trip on your feet, you will (fall).

It rhymes with fall.
This is where you shop, it’s the (mall).

It rhymes with mall.
You hang your coat, on the (wall).

It rhymes with wall.
Something that is tiny, it is (small).

K. Giraffes Rhythm and RhymeK. Bears Rhythm and Rhyme

Rhythm and Rhyme





It rhymes with pat.
It’s says me-ow, it’s a (cat).

It rhymes with cat.
You wear it on your head, it’s a (hat).

It rhymes with hat.
It’s black and it flies, it’s a (bat).

It rhymes with bat.
If you eat too much, you get (fat).


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